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Sample 7 Day Menu

Great Morning Coffee
Build- your-own Lunches
Fresh Fruit
Fresh Vegetables
Whole-grain Breads
Creative Entrees
Generous Portions
Tasty Appetizers
Ice cold drinks
Through a combination of high-tech coolers and a re-supply ( on our longer trips), we are able to provide fresh ingredients and delicious entrees during the entire trip. We purchase quality ingredients for our menu items, and are happy to adjust to dietary requests. Below is a 7-day sample menu; shorter trips will simply draw from this.
All dinners include delicious desserts!

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1 N/A
On Day #1, you'll have breakfast on your own - typically in town - and we'll meet mid-morning to begin our trip.
Submarine sandwiches
Dill pickle
Fruit juice
Appetizer Plate
Teriyaki Chicken Breast
Boiled Baby Potatoes with Butter and Herbs
Fresh Steamed Vegetables
2 Coffee, Orange Juice, Tea
Fresh Fruit Plate
Vegetable Omelet w/ cheese
Whole-grain Bagels w/butter, cream cheese, jelly
Design-your-own sandwiches:
Each morning we put out an assortment of sandwich making items for you to make your own sandwich for lunch on the river. Choices include:

  • turkey
  • ham
  • roast beef
  • Swiss cheese
  • provolone cheese
  • cheddar cheese
  • tuna salad
  • salmon salad
  • peanut butter and jelly
Our breads are whole wheat or multigrain varieties. Condiments include mayonnaise, mustard; garnishes include lettuce, sliced tomato, avocado, and sliced sweet onion. Accompaniments include an assortment of potato chips, fruit, and nuts. Lunches are transported in a cooler to keep everything fresh.

Appetizer Plate
Spaghetti & Meatballs
Grated Parmesan
3 Coffee, Orange Juice, Tea
Fresh Fruit Plate
Granola w/ milk, Yogurt
Bagels w/ spreads
Appetizer Plate
Beef stir-fry w/Fresh Steamed Vegetables
4 Coffee, Orange Juice, Tea
Fresh Fruit Plate
Breakfast Burritos
Whole-grain Bagels w/butter, cream cheese, jelly
Pan-fried Fish Fillets
Steamed Baby Red Potatoes
Sauteed Vegetable Medley
5 Coffee, Orange Juice, Tea
Fresh Fruit Plate
Pancakes with 100% Maple Syrup & Butter
Garlic Chicken stir-fry
Fresh Steamed Vegetables
Dessert Breads
6 Coffee, Orange Juice, Tea
Pancakes with Pure Maple Syrup and Butter
Cereal (Hot or Cold)
River Burritos
7 Coffee, Orange Juice, Tea

Bon Appetit !

Notes: We do not supply alcoholic beverages for insurance reasons, but you are welcome to bring your own. Since we are somewhat restricted with cargo capacity, is is impractical to bring quantities of beer; wine and spirits are more compact and easier to carry. We will supply plenty of ice, as well as glasses, should you wish to make cocktails.

Please expect some variation in our menu depending on variables such as which fruits and vegetables may be currently in season.