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Montana's Upper Missouri River Guides and Canoe Outfitters

Canoeing the Upper Missouri River in Montana with Kids


Kids fit in well on Montana's Upper Missouri River. We've taken children as young as 4 years-old on guided trips. The Upper Missouri is rated as a Class One, meaning that it has no whitewater, making it a relatively safe enviroment. Our canoes are very stable which minimizes the chances of capsizing, and we do of course provide child-size life-jackets, which all children under 12 are required to wear on Montana's waters.

Children can paddle their own canoe, or they can travel as passengers in a 3 or 4 seat canoe with their parents. Children may also paddle as passengers with a guide. Our 18 foot canoes can be fitted with extra seats to accommodate 1 or 2 children, and our special 23 foot canoe, the Minnesota IV is a specially designed 4 seat canoe that is particularly well suited for families who want to paddle together.

In addition to the canoeing, children can participate in hiking, swimming, exploring, and learning about the Upper Missouri's history and environment.